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GreenCube One+ dimensions are 6.0 m × 3.4 m × 3.26 m.

GreenCube One+ building frame is laminated ( GL -24 strength , 120x400 ) Beam structures. They are covered by the beams from the two OSB panels , which provides the rigidity of the building .

The building has SBS roofing material and the edge of the cover sheet parapet. The lower part of the roof, rain deflectors and rear of the building is a drain pipe.

The building's exterior finish with planks, whose color scheme is based on customer preferences. Lining attaches itself 50x200 beams whose is installed between 200 mm insulation wool. It also has an insulated floor and ceiling. From the inside, the walls are covered with ISOTEX wall cladding. Laminate floor covering. In ceiling STP is used. The material in the MDF.

The vastness of the building will Greencube One + Plan wood-aluminum window solutions.

The building is used for heating Greencube One + Plan of modern technologies ThinMat floor heating mats.

The building has two rooms: a living room 13.50 m2, bathroom / WC 2.70m2

Toilet / bathroom has a shower cubicle, washbasin and toilet bowl. Warm water comes from an electric boiler.

The building itself has been designed and constructed in accordance with

the laws in force, regulations, rulings, and the Republic of Estonia and the

EU in the applicable norms and standards. Energy efficiency in the building : the exterior walls, the roof - thermal conductivity to 0.5 W ( m2 K ), windows,

doors - the thermal conductivity to 1.4 W ( m2 K )

Greencube One + is ready for interior finish and ready for moving in,

the date of installation .

Today, tomorrow, to subscribe and there you have it !

GreenCube One

Our type of model can be modified according to the client 's needs and interests.

Each client receives a personal offer to suit your needs !

In addition is also possible to order customized solutions according to customer requirements.

In collaboration with the architect of a building we can find you the right solution that meets your expectations !

Each building is able to choose whether underfloor heating or electric radiators, which provides a nice house of absence in any weather

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